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  • HEALTH: QIGONG can only help you restore your health,  if you know the particular use for each position, which internal organ it activates, which meridian you are stretching what healing, the  sound you should work with in this particular position...etc. That is the only way to restore balance and help specific conditions. Otherwise you are just doing a calisthenics routine or an empty dance...Only an expert in Traditional Chines Medicine can show you this properly.
  • CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO: Not all qigong styles are created equal. Only ONE type of qigong will take you to your desired results. Learn which one it is, do not let them fool you. Religious qigong or martial qigong will not help you. Neither Tai chi Qigong...
  • FAST AND EASY:  The number one reason most people quit yoga o tai chi is because it is too hard and it takes too long to see results. Besides risk of injury is high on those activities. My new and revolutionary way of teaching  uses only short easy forms that ANYBODY can do without risking injury regardless of age, body shape or mobility restrictions . 
  • SIMPLE YET POWERFUL. Qigong is a form of CHINESE MEDICINE.  It saved my life and it can transform yours if you know what to do and how.
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